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One way of accomplishing our Pain Awareness Month campaign goals is by creating an engaging and creative way for pain ambassadors and advocates, volunteers, members, and overall supporters of the organization to participate in daily activities during September.

The 30-Day Challenge is an online, interactive initiative which will allow participants to participate in daily tasks posted on the U.S. Pain Foundation’s Facebook page. Most tasks can be completed within the comfort of your own home. All you need is internet access and a mobile device or laptop!

This year’s theme will be: integrative and complementary medicine.


The time is now for the pain community to come together rather than divided, to unite our voices and to show America that we can live fulfilling lives despite our chronic pain condition. We are more than our diagnosis. We are equally important as all other demographics in this country when it comes to fair treatment. Despite the negativity that has plagued the chronic pain community for far too long, U.S. Pain wants to shed light on the good, the positive, and encouraging moments and opportunities that pain warriors have.

U.S. Pain is hopeful that you will not only participate in our 30-Day Challenge, but will benefit from becoming a part of this social media campaign.


The easiest way to join this virtual campaign is to visit the U.S. Pain Foundation Facebook Page and look for our daily challenges! When sharing, retweeting or participating in the challenges (such as uploading a photo or commenting on a question posed to participants), please remember to tag U.S. Pain on Facebook and Twitter.

For a sneak preview of the daily challenges for 2017, click here.

The Pain Awareness Month campaign
is on Instagram!

Follow @USPainAwarenessMonth to view photos highlighting efforts taking place this September!

Also, we request that you use the following hashtags:
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#30DayChallenge #PeopleWithPainMatter

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