US Pain Awareness Month Logo

Beautify in Blue: Highlighting the bravery of pain warriors

beautify in blue logo2This visual campaign not only raises awareness concerning the varying types of invisible pain, but also empowers fellow pain survivors, validating that they are not alone and are supported by their community.

By placing blue ribbons and signage on trees, flagpoles, lawns, libraries, community centers, town halls and similar venues within communities, Beautify in Blue highlights the bravery, courage and perseverance of pain warriors.

How does the program work?

U.S. Pain Foundation asked its members and pain ambassadors are all invited to participate in the campaign. After filling out a commitment form to ensure the individual takes responsibility for the set-up, maintenance and breakdown of the Beautify in Blue materials, each participant then approaches his or her local governing body with a campaign letter, explaining the program and requesting that their town participate.

Once approved at the municipal level, the signs and ribbons remain displayed for the entire month of September to coincide with PAM.

If you are interested in adorning your downtown area, town halls, bridges and other municipal areas, email

You will be given the commitment form to electronically sign; the official letter request to present to your town will then be provided.