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Light up the Landmarks: Shed some light on pain awareness


Help U.S. Pain turn the nation  blue, PAM’s designated color, by participating in our Light up the Landmarks campaign on September 9th! Light up the Landmarks is a simple and fun way to unite with pain warriors while creating awareness in the community.

Many government, historical or private landmarks as well as businesses can be illuminated in honor of Pain Awareness Month. If you would like to participate in requesting that a venue join our Light up the Landmarks movement, fill out the PAM activities form and a member of the Ambassador Network Team will contact you. Additional information, including best practices for approaching venues will be provided. Support and details surrounding the securing of the consent by the venue’s building manager is available prior and during the approval process. Once you have reached out to a building or monument, please fill out the Light up the Landmarks tracking 

form to keep U.S. Pain updated on the status of your request.

When pain warriors and their caregivers see their state capitol building, town hall, bridges, town squares and historical monuments brilliantly shining with a blue hue, they will know that their pain is validated and they are not alone on their pain journey.

Special thanks to our Light up the Landmark 2017 Participants