Proclamations: Bring attention to the pain community!

Members and volunteers are encouraged to request ceremonial proclamations from state and local politicians. By submitting an already crafted template, individuals can easily request the proclamation in support of pain awareness month. By specifying the number of Americans  enduring chronic pain, the cost incurred by the nation as a result of chronic pain, and how increased awareness about the effects of chronic pain can result in better outcomes for pain warriors. The increased exposure these proclamations receive will increase the chances for a future where pain warriors are supported, funded, and recognized instead of stigmatized.

Please plan to submit these requests before the end of July to ensure your local offices have ample time to respond. Late requests will be accepted, as pain awareness is an ongoing effort; however, submitting the request early ensures the proclamation will be completed and available in time for the start of Pain Awareness Month.

Be sure to check the location specific guidelines prior to submitting any proclamations. If you have any questions or need help obtaining specific information, please contact the Proclamations team at for assistance.

How to submit a proclamation request for the month of September:

Local Proclamations:

Download the attached template and follow the instructions specified by your local government. Each municipality may have a different process: you may need to upload the file through an online form, email the file to the specified contact, or you may have the ability to submit a printed copy in person. When submitting your proclamation request, simply ask the official to show support for their constituents living with chronic pain conditions by completing the ceremonial proclamation for September’s nationally recognized Pain Awareness Month. Notify the U.S. Pain Foundation once you have requested a proclamation and provide updates as the status of your request changes. 

State Proclamations:

In order to avoid multiple proclamation requests being sent to the same state official, please express your interest in obtaining a state proclamation by completing the attached form. Once it has been determined that no other requests have been sent, you will receive a response with the appropriate template and directions on how to proceed. Even if your state has been submitted, your voice can be heard! Forms will be provided along with instructions for encouraging state officials to support constituents living with chronic pain conditions by signing the previously submitted proclamation.


Please notify U.S. Pain with any status changes or feedback:

Keeping us apprised of the status (submitted, pending, approved, denied, received hard copy) will allow U.S. Pain Foundation to better assist you with present and future Pain Awareness Month activities. Once you receive the hard copy, submit a photograph of the pain warrior/proclamation here so we can celebrate your efforts by sharing the image on our social media. All hard copies are to be mailed to our main office:

U.S. Pain Foundation
Attn: Lori
670 Newfield St., Ste. B
Middletown, CT 06457

Retaining the hard copies allows U.S. Pain to highlight your accomplishments for the pain community on social media, websites, and at awareness events that take place in your respective state or geographic location.

2017 Local Proclamations