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Proclamations: Bring government officials' attention to chronic pain!

Members and volunteers are encouraged to request state proclamations from state and local politicians. Through an already crafted template, individuals can easily submit the proclamation request to their governor’s office. The proclamation notes the number of Americans riddled with chronic pain, the cost that the nation incurs as the result of chronic pain and how increased awareness about the effects of chronic pain can result in better outcomes.

How to submit a proclamation request for the month of September:

In order to avoid multiple proclamation requests to the same town or state official, you must email expressing your interest in obtaining a proclamation.  You will receive a response with the appropriate template and directions on how to proceed.  We encourage ambassadors to please submit your proclamation request ideally before the end of July prior to Pain Awareness Month in September.  We will accept requests afterwards as we always encourage submissions as pain awareness is an ongoing effort.

Once you have emailed to say that you would like to submit the proclamation, you will receive a response email with next steps If your state already has someone obtaining a proclamation from the governor, you will be encouraged to submit the request to your town/city government officials. Remember, the more exposure the proclamations receive at the local and state levels, the better chance that the entire pain community will have towards a future where pain is not stigmatized, but supported, funded, and recognized.

The template can then be emailed to your governor’s office through your state’s website. U.S. Pain provides support prior, during, and following the submission process of the proclamation as procedures may vary by location.

Also note that you will be required to notify us as to if your state, city or town has approved the request; a photograph of the proclamation must be taken upon obtaining with proclamation emailed to All hard copies are to be mailed to our main office to the attention of Lori at U.S. Pain Foundation, 670 Newfield St., Ste. B, Middletown, CT 06457.  This is to highlight your accomplishment for the pain community on social media, websites and at awareness events.