Beautify in Blue:

Highlight the bravery of pain warriors

Beautify in Blue is a visual campaign of U.S. Pain Foundation that raises awareness in local communities and lets fellow pain warriors know they are not alone. Through this campaign, volunteers help display blue ribbons and flyers in public locations such as town halls, community centers, libraries, municipal parks or grassy areas. We provide a template letter to submit to town officials/venue contacts, requesting permission to display the materials, as well as the materials you need (at no cost to you).

To participate, fill out the application form below by August 15. By filling out the form, you acknowledge and accept the rules of the program:

  • Only display the materials in designated, approved areas.
  • Abide by any and all rules of the specific location.
  • Be careful not to damage or disrespect any property in the process of displaying the materials.
  • Only use tape, push pins, etc. in designated areas like bulletin boards or display cases. (Remember, pins and tape can damage surfaces/walls.)
  • Take and submit a photo of your Beautify in Blue display to ASAP, so we can share and celebrate your efforts!
  • Periodically check back at the location to make sure the materials are still intact and in the right location.
  • Take down the materials by October 1, leaving the location as you found it.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you with next steps.

If you have any questions, email

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