Beautify in Blue:

Highlight the bravery of pain warriors

Decorate your community with beautiful blue ribbons and signage!


Beautify in Blue is a visual campaign that not only raises awareness and lets fellow pain warriors know they are not alone. You are invited to participate in the campaign. You can each recruit friends and family members to help decorate!


How does the program work?

First, an individual must fill out a commitment form to ensure he or she takes responsibility for the Beautify in Blue materials as well as the set-up, maintenance, and breakdown/clean-up of the materials. Each participant then approaches his or her local government with a campaign letter that explains the program, encourages town participation, and requests permission to decorate public/community property.

Once approved at the municipal level, the volunteers put up the Beautify in Blue materials throughout the community. The signs and ribbons will remain on display for the entire month of September to coincide with PAM. Once PAM concludes, the volunteers will take down the decorations and hold onto them for future PAM campaigns.

Decorate your Community!

If you are interested in adorning your downtown area, town halls, grassy areas, libraries, and other municipal areas, please submit the PAM activity form and complete the commitment form. Once you have signed the document, it can be printed and signed or electronically signed before it is uploaded. To electronically sign your commitment form, you can take a screenshot and sign using an image program like Microsoft’s Paint. You can also mail your completed form to the U.S. Pain Foundation directly:

The U.S. Pain Foundation
Attn: Lori
670 Newfield St., Ste. B
Middletown, CT 06457

Once your commitment letter has been received, the official campaign letter for you to present to your town will then be provided.