State Awareness Events: Creating a Pain Awareness Event to Inspire and Empower

Anyone can design an awareness opportunity which will allow a variety of attendees to connect, engage and learn! Topics may range from innovate treatments to new techniques and upcoming practices within healthcare. Speakers may include inspiring pain patients, state-specific programs designed to assist those with invisible illnesses or clinicians.

The intent of an awareness event in September (or anytime throughout the year) is to provide hope and information to people in pain and caregivers. The forum helps link attendees with others living in their community. Your event is just that, yours! Allow the gathering to reflect issues which are important to you, topics that you feel passionate about and speakers with whom you trust and admire.

U.S. Pain Foundation has drafted easy steps for you to take when considering and planning a state awareness event.

The first step you will need to take is to notify the main office that you would like to hold an event by submitting the PAM Activities form. This will allow ample time to gather and ship necessary materials, along with the promotion and marketing of the event.

Quick Guide to Get Started:

  1. Prepare a notebook to keep track of planning details.
  2. Pick a date at least three months ahead. For greater exposure, plan your event during a designated charity’s day or in September.
  3. Decide on the location and length of the event. A hospital is a good choice because it provides parking, handicap accessibility and a stream of medical staff who may want to attend. Other sites to consider are community centers or libraries. An ideal location has no fee, is handicapped accessible, can accommodate about 100 people, will allow food and has a podium and microphone. Consider if you would also like to display the U.S. Pain Foundation’s INvisible Project (a traveling photography show which highlights the stories and images of pain survivors) and if the venue has the additional space to display the images.

Further advice will be provided for a promising and successful event once you have contacted U.S. Painwith your inquiry to hold an awareness event.

Need extra materials for your event or to handout at a physician’s office? Please complete our Materials Request form and you will be contacted regarding the request.

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