Information Tables:
Engage your community

Hosting an information table is a fun, easy way to raise awareness about pain and engage directly with your community! You can host an information table almost anywhere–a town hall, a hospital lobby, a library, outside of a retail store–the possibilities are endless.

First, decide where you’d like to host your table, and obtain permission from the necessary individuals. Once you have permission, we can then provide you with all the materials you need: brochures, infographics, magazines, giveaways (like pain warrior bracelets), signage, and tablecloths. 

To host a table, simply fill out the materials order form on the U.S. Pain Foundation page. Keep in mind we need at least two weeks’ notice in order to ship materials.

Remember to take a picture of your table, so we can celebrate your efforts afterward!

If you have any questions, email


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