Social media as a tool for awareness

During Pain Awareness Month, U.S. Pain Foundation offers a number of ways to get involved via social media:

Twitter/Facebook profile picture frameTo help create awareness, customize your Facebook or Twitter profile picture with our Pain Awareness Month frame.

Share graphics. Download graphics and other resources from our toolkit to share on social media!

Social media daily challenge. Each day, U.S. Pain Foundation will post a fun prompt or challenge across its social media platforms at 9 am EST, ranging from things like “Share a picture of yourself and the hashtag #LetsTalkAboutPain” to “Tell us one thing you’d like the public to understand about chronic pain.” 

Giveaways. As part of the social media challenge, on certain days, participation will enter you to win some awesome prizes.

  • Weekly: far-infrared kinesiology tape from presenting sponsor, Thrive Tape.
  • Sept. 5: A new book from Amy Orr: Taming Chronic Pain.” 
  • Sept. 13-15: A pulsed electromagnetic fields device (valued at $399) from Oska. 
  • Sept. 18-20: A high-frequency transcutaneous nerve stimulation device (valued at $349) from Quell by Neurometrix.
  • Sept. 23-26. A high-frequency impulse therapy device from Enso (valued at $250).
  • Sept. 29-30: A VibraCool, which uses vibrating cryotherapy, (valued at $89) from Pain Care Labs.

Current giveaway:

Don’t miss a giveaway or action opportunity! Follow us on social media:

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